HEX Light Brackets BMW Type 2, (pair) for fitment to BMW OE Location


The HEX Auxiliary Lights Mounting Bracket – BMW Type 2 can be used to mount auxiliary lights to the BMW OE auxiliary mounting points.

Unlike other auxiliary light brackets, the HEX Light Brackets are made from high quality stainless steel and powder-coated, for a premium finish and maximum durability in any conditions.



The HEX Auxiliary Lights Mounting Bracket – BMW Type 2 can be used to mount auxiliary lights to the BMW OE auxiliary mounting points.

What is unique about this mounting bracket is that it has been designed to provide the rider with 8 degrees of horizontal directional adjustment – allowing the lights to be mounted with a slight outward light path for increased visibility when riding offroad in the dark. For user convenience, these brackets also feature a notch in the centre of the adjustment. This provides an easy means to align the auxiliary light in the dead centre forward position, for suggested on- road use..

Installation Instructions:

Follow the easy steps in the video below.

If you own a BMW with OE auxiliary light mounting points, the new HEX Light Brackets – BMW Type 2 are the perfect upgrade for your motorcycle. Here’s why:

Quick and Easy Installation

The HEX Light Brackets are designed for fast and straightforward installation. You can mount your OE BMW auxiliary lights (or any auxiliary light with a similar two-point M5 mount) in under 10 minutes, getting you on the road quickly and efficiently.

Precision Adjustment for Custom Alignment

These brackets offer an impressive 8-degree outward light direction adjustment, ideal for off-road adventures in low-visibility conditions. To adjust, simply loosen the auxiliary light mounting bolts, pan the lights outward, and retighten. For oncoming traffic safety, leave the inside auxiliary light in the forward position. When back on urban roads, reposition both lights using the front adjustment notch. Just loosen the bolts, push the light forward until the front bolt slides into the centered notch, and retighten.

Premium Quality Materials and Finish

Manufactured in the United Kingdom, HEX Light Brackets are made from high-quality stainless steel, ensuring superior durability. They are powder-coated for a premium finish that resists rust and paint bubbling, maintaining their appearance and performance for years.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Committed to sustainability, HEX Light Brackets are packaged in eco-friendly, recyclable materials. This reflects our dedication to protecting the environments we ride through and enjoy.

Affordable and Accessible

Despite their high quality, HEX Light Brackets are affordably priced.

What’s In The Box?

  • (x2) HEX Auxiliary Lights Mounting Brackets – BMW Type 2 for the BMW OE locations, stainless steel and powder-coated – black
  • (x2) M6 x 40 Skt Cape Head Torx
  • (x4) M5 x 10 Skt Button Flange Torx
  • (x2) M6 Nylon Nuts
  • (x4) M6 Std Washers

Designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom

The HEX Light Brackets use recyclable packaging.